Effects of Service Quality on Brand Fidelity: The Mediating Role of Customer Citizenship Behavior

In this study, the effects of service quality on brand fidelity were investigated. At the same time, the mediating role of customer citizenship behavior in the relationship between variables was investigated. For this purpose, a study was conducted on consumers purchasing products and services from fuel stations. The research model was tested with data collected from 500 consumers reached by convenience sampling technique. Partial least squares path analysis (PLS-SEM) method was used to test the research model. The hypotheses developed in line with the research model were analyzed using the SmartPLS program. According to the analysis findings, it has been determined that service quality has positive effects on performance and derogation of alternatives, which are among the brand fidelity dimensions, and customer citizenship behavior. However, it has been observed that customer citizenship behavior mediate the relationship between service quality and brand fidelity dimensions.


Service Quality, Customer Citizenship Behavior, Brand Fidelity