The Competitiveness of Information and Communication Technologies Sector in International Trade and a Comparative Analysis on G-8 Countries

Information and communication technologies (ICT) have rapidly entered our lives as a social and economic sector. ICT, which enables the implementation of digitalization, develops political economy and facilitates the policy-making process. ICT actually can be applied and used in all fields. For this reason, the sector increasingly takes its place in foreign trade day to day. In the digitalized world, the G-8 countries are the countries that information and communication technology products the most trade. Countries such as Japan, Germany, and the United States of America (USA) produce and export products in question. When world trade is examined, the share of the G-8 countries in this sense is quite high. In the study, a comparative analysis of the G-8 countries was made for the period 2000-2022. Export products are analyzed based on SITC Rev 3 (Standard International Trade Classification Revision 3). In this context, 4-digit sub-codes of the 76-coded 'Telecommunications, sound recording and reproducing equipment” product group were used. In this study, which aims to measure the competitiveness of countries, Balassa Index, Volrath Index and Export-Import Ratio Index were used. According to the results, the USA, Germany, France, England and Japan have competitiveness in the product group coded 7648 in terms of exports. On the other hand, other countries do not have competitiveness in the export of these product groups. In addition, countries specialize in a few products. Japan, one of the G-8 countries, has stood out in the export of sub-codes of 76 product groups.


Information and Communication Technology, G-8 Countries, Competitiveness